Newsletter March 2024

This is the second newsletter for MICAH Program, Inc. Good things are happening at MICAH in March 2024. We are pleased to announce a 2023 Community Impact Fund (CIF) grant for $7500 from the South Carolina Association for Community Economic Development, known as SCACED. The money will be used for “capacity building” to allow MICAH to continue its mission that aligns with SCACED’s mission to support “active programs targeted to building wealth and improving socioeconomic conditions for low-income individuals and communities” in South Carolina. MICAH is using the money to develop its website,, and to purchase email and database software. Stay tuned for the rollout of the newly enhanced website in the coming months.

MICAH has gotten busier in 2024 with increased referrals of neighbors in financial distress. We continue to add new mentors, train them in-person and online, and then mentor the new mentors as they begin to meet with new neighbors. Our roster of mentors in now up to 16 and will likely continue to grow in 2024. Since October 2023, MICAH mentors have met with 20 neighbors, helped our 20 neighbors work through financial challenges and made 5 loans.

The Bridge-to-Wheels pilot program with Miracle Hill Ministries, started in late 2023, has been a great success. So far, four automobile loans have been made. The experiences have been positive, we are learning a lot about insurance coverage, and our various partners have been very helpful with checking the cars out, maintenance and repair. We are blessed to have a number of mentors who particularly enjoy helping our neighbors get older, well- used cars into satisfactory running condition and we always open to having more join us.

Information about MICAH continues to be distributed to the St. Anthony food pantry, local charities and growing number of other area churches involved in helping vulnerable, low-wealth people. Our MICAH mentors continue to meet with our neighbors in need, promote financial stability, and sometimes make low-cost loans where they are needed and helpful.

In light of our experience assisting victims of predatory lending, our MICAH Program joins the 30 organizations that make up the South Carolina Fair Lending Alliance ( in support of South Carolina Senate Bill 910, which is legislation to limit a few of these unfair lending practices that exploit vulnerable, unwary consumers. SB 910 will prohibit “convenience checks” and will limit the frequency of “churning,” which is the “money-for-refinancing” deception, while allowing fair lending to continue and to thrive in South Carolina. The bill will not shut down legitimate consumer lending; nor will it deny credit to those in need.

The board, volunteers and mentors in MICAH thank God for the opportunity to serve and we look forward to 2024. We are always ready to meet with neighbors in need and always receptive to new volunteers in our various activities.

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